About Me

Hi! My name is Bethany and I'm so glad you're here!

I am passionate about a lot of things, and I'm lucky to have found a way to turn many of the things I love into a business! I love clothing, sewing, hair, photography, and music. Every piece you find in my shop is something that I would wear. One day I hope to be able to design my own pieces, because there are many specific items I would love but just can't find anywhere. I strive to find clothes that are feminine and make me feel beautiful, but are also comfortable. I am a mom so I need practical clothes but I still want to be cute. But you absolutely don't need to be a mom to shop here! All are welcome :) I love ditsy floral, muted colors, ruffles, and bows. I hate polyester (I just don't like the way it feels on my body) so you likely won't find that here unless its in a blend or in a scrunchie!

As of now I am a one woman show. Buyer? Me. Photographer? Me. Seamstress? Me. Content creator? Me. And here and there I use my own music on the reels I make on instagram. One day I will have employees and I'm excited to create a community of like minded people. So welcome, Dahl! :)